About Us

Carbonado [kahr-buh-naa-doh]

(noun) Toughest form of natural diamond; Used to cut and polish other diamonds.


We endeavor to provide thoughtful solutions that address emerging managers’ perspectives and challenges, while never losing focus on an investor’s desire for outsized risk adjusted returns.

Carbonado Partners

Carbonado Partners is an industry expert in capital raising for all asset classes. Our fundraising efforts primarily focus on new and early stage managers and private equity managers raising Funds I - III. Our team has extensive experience, including over sixty-five years in financial services on both the buy side and sell side.

Carbonado launched in 2020 and believe we differ from our peers by:


Carbonado sees things through an investor's lens. With a former Chief Investment Officer on the team, we identify, diligence, underwrite and then advise knowing what institutional investors need. We understand that investors want early stage managers with mature fund risk.

Capital Solutions

Independent sponsors express the challenge of building a track record prior to launching a fund and often identify deals prior to raising capital. Carbonado meets this challenge by being able to raise capital for direct deals and providing warehousing capabilities to finance the investment until a Fund is raised.

Independent Ownership

The firm is owned by its partners. We are entrepreneurs like the groups we represent.

Our Keys to Success


We fulfill our promise to our clients of delivering a higher return on time. Emerging managers often have smaller teams, and thus, the key people cannot be on the road for 18-24 months to fundraise and meet with groups that are not likely to transact. Carbonado focuses on limited mandates in order to know their stories well, and bring them to pre-qualified meetings with investors.


We maintain an unwavering commitment to identifying the highest quality manager. The manager must have meaningful competitive advantages either in the form of sourcing or operational expertise and be of the highest moral character.


We are unwavering in our entrepreneurial spirit and culture of: service, accountability, alignment, flexibility, and integrity.